Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tim Garrity gets interviewed in another article for Metro Philadelphia

Check Metro out at: metro.us/philadelphia

My online/print media pal, Julia West who is a contributing writer with Metro Philadelphia, graciously extended another invitation for me to speak intelligently about Philadelphia real estate.

The subject, a boost of empty nesters into the current Philadelphia real estate market.

Julia's article is titled, "Where are the empty nesters moving?" No need for me to quote what you can read by just clicking right here.

Metro Philadelphia is a great website for local news on real estate, entertainment, and sports. Informative daily reading from your laptop/tablet/smartphone, or you can pick up a free copy at numerous local distribution boxes throughout the city.

Personally, I always grab one before hopping on the train to Center City. The articles are well-written and succinct, and I can usually get through the whole thing before arriving at either Market East or Suburban Station.

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