Friday, February 7, 2014

Architecture, apartments, and a power plant ... really?

All images courtesy of Fast Company

I'm a big proponent of smart development. Call it green ... sustainable ... sensible.

And why not?

If you can build something that is eco-friendly, costs less to maintain, lasts longer, and can survive on its own (instead of being connected to the power grid), I'm sure most of you would be all for it; as I would be myself. The problem is, most of these kinds of projects cost more to build than traditional building styles.

In other words, upfront costs are typically higher.

Here's what I find cool about this project:

1. It's located in a great spot (on the ever-changing Delaware River Waterfront)
2. It has a unique design (probably more unique than anything Philadelphia currently has, or is proposed to have)
3. It has 2 important purposes (provide housing to Philadelphians, and establish a waste-to-energy trash incineration plant).

Here's what I don't find cool about this project:

1. No one has agreed to develop it yet (most likely, because it looks complicated)
2. Who knows how long it would take to build (again ... because it looks complicated)
3. My guess is that it would be super-expensive, to construct and to live in (last time, I promise ... because it looks complicated)

What I will say after reading about the project, and browsing through the well-done graphics, is that a project like this would attract global attention. Not because of the cool factor, or because of its proposed location, but because it is a forward-thinking concept for a large US city that will save energy, save money, and save the environment.

What are your thoughts?

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