Friday, December 20, 2013

Brewerytown's neighborhood promotion strategy is brilliant

Rybrew opened in 2013 - Brewerytown, Philadelphia

Let me first ask this question: "What is the best way to get people to notice you and what you do?"

As a licensed real estate agent, I have to ask myself this question everyday.

More times than not, real estate agents are independent contractors. Which means they do not get a wage/salary, health benefits, retirement account, etc. As a trade off, real estate agents get freedom, workday flexibility, and the ability to earn as little or much as they want. Plus, they're basically they're own bosses.

Because this is the case, each agent has the opportunity to uniquely promote himself/herself to the buyer/seller/renter market, as well as pick and choose what services they do and do not want to offer to the general public (e.g. buyer/seller representation, residential/commercial, etc). That is why if you have ever bought or sold a home before, you have seen that each agent offers something different. Strengths and weaknesses that are uniquely suited to his or her business focus.

That is also why this article really caught my attention.

If you are a regular PUL reader, then you have definitely seen multiple blog posts from me in the past focused on Brewerytown's resurgence as a desirable Philadelphia neighborhood. Not only as a place to live, but also as a place to grow a business. Although its boundary lines are skewed (and vary depending on the information source) Brewerytown sits just north of the Fairmount/Francisville neighborhoods, just south of Templetown, east of the Schuylkill River, and west of Broad St.

Again, those are general boundaries (especially, knowing how far Brewerytown's eastern boundary extends).

Here are some helpful posts on Brewerytown (in case you need a refresher):

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MM Partners, a local development/community group in Brewerytown, has been described as "Brewerytown's most tenacious evangelists." At a recent networking event held at Rybrew, a new cafe along Girard Ave that hosts an impressive food/beer selection, MM came up with a simple, organic strategy.

Invite local real estate agents to a fun-filled event with food and beer, and encourage them to mingle with local business owners and residents sporting name tags saying, "Ask me how Brewerytown is booming!" Genius, IMHO.

My opinion is that their strategy worked, or I wouldn't even be posting about it today.

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