Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whole Foods to headline at Rodin Square

A lot has changed on Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway in recent years.

First, there was the plan. The goal was to turn the BFP into a more walkable, resident/visitor friendly boulevard. It's definitely on the right track with streetscape improvements, new parking/street lines, and improved public spaces (such as The Oval).

Second, there was the relocation of the Barnes Museum from Lower Merion, PA to Center City, Philadelphia. That one definitely worked, even though there was a documentary made about it. So much so that it has increased Philadelphia's art rep from around a 6 to about an 8. Just throwing out numbers here, people; but I'm probably not too far off.

Third, there was the Made In America concert (which first took place in 2012) on the parkway. Hosted by Jay-Z with appearances by DJ Shadow, The Hives, Run DMC, and Pearl Jam, it proved to be one of the best settings in America for a multi-day, outdoor music festival; especially, considering it took place downtown in the 5th largest US city. In case you haven't heard, Made In America is coming back in 2013.

Now, there is Rodin Square. A modern, sophisticated, block-long development just steps from the BFP (and the new Barnes Museum). With current estimates coming in around 300 apartments, Rodin Square is promising popular urban perks (e.g. super-walkable location, mixed-use living, landscaped rooftops, etc.). To top it off, the project will be anchored by a brand new Whole Foods (designed by MV+A Architects).

Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Since the fine details are still pretty fresh, I'll let you conduct your own online detective work. If you find anything good, please feel free to share it in the comments section.

In the meantime, you can live happy knowing that the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is taking another step closer to becoming one of America's premier downtown stretches.

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