Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Philadelphia is setting the precedent for mega-developments along the Delaware River Waterfront

The Delaware River Waterfront is on fire ... figuratively speaking.

Check out all of these upcoming and/or in-process developments I've posted about before; here, here, here, here ... oh, and here. Developments range from smaller, neighborhoody projects, to large scale projects (such as this one, which prompted this post).

I think this post is particularly important because it's starting to show a trend for new development proposals along the Delaware River Waterfront. The Central Delaware Plan is taking precedence, and it's telling developers what they can and cannot build; instead of vice-versa, which used to happen often in Philadelphia. The best part is, developers are getting rewarded for working within the strengths/rules of the plan, and are adding neighborhood friendly features.

To me, this is a win-win.

On the one hand, you have real estate developers that focus more on the bottom line and ROI than anything else; understood, as this is the main reason why new projects even happen. On the other hand, you have the City of Philadelphia (and especially, the local neighbors) that want smart development to enhance their quality of life; also understood, as they don't want developers coming in and ruining their neighborhood with closed off, one-sided projects.

Hence, the Central Delaware Waterfront Master Plan.

Feel free to read more about this upcoming project (estimated to start Spring 2014), and see why the DWR is where it's at.

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