Thursday, June 6, 2013

Development in Point Breeze is already moving west

25th & Ellsworth - Point Breeze

If you recall a recent post that I did on CHOP's new development in/around Graduate Hospital / Point Breeze / Grays Ferry, my point was centered around the PB/GF neighborhoods and the importance of securing anchor projects (like CHOP's).

Now whether these anchor projects are residential or commercial at this point is moot, because what this area really needs as a whole is a stiff jolt in the arm; new growth. That jolt is productive development that will enhance the local micro-economies of both PB + GF, and increase the population in/around these neighborhoods without jeopardizing the stability of its current residents.

Tall order, but this is a start.

What this small'ish, residential project really does is increase the likelihood that Grays Ferry will indeed become a fringe/spillover neighborhood, at some point in the not-to-distant future, to G-Ho. In fact I believe a development such as this is so important, that it can potentially expand existing neighborhoods (like what has been happening in Kensington). Hence, GF + PB = G-Ho Spillover.

This past post will also shed some light on why I feel this may be happening.

The other reason why I believe this project may create what I am now officially dubbing the "No-Libs Effect," is because it is being built right next to a huge neighborhood barrier: 25th Street's Elevated Train Trestle. This concrete monster is as visible a neighborhood barrier can be. Not only is it a pain to drive/navigate under, but it completely separates PB from GF; literally.

Building on the border, and next to an active train line, may actually be the first step toward the growth of these 2 neighborhoods. It will also help legitimize Philadelphia's identity as an up-and-coming, modern city that's changing for the better.

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