Sunday, May 5, 2013

Philly is happy! Like, "Top 10" happy.

Center City Philadelphia at dusk.

You know how you go to read the news or check your email, and an article like "10 Best Cities to Work" or "10 Best Cities to Live" catches your attention? If you're like me at all, you may say to yourself "Hmmm, I wonder if my city made that list."

Well, Philadelphia just made a good one. We were just ranked 7th for the "10 Happiest Cities for Young Professionals," according to

One of my latest blog posts focused on the positive growth trend Philadelphia has been on for the last 6 years, and this article adds more optimism to that trend. It turns out that one of our largest growth groups (Young Professionals) thinks Philly is a damn good place to live and work.

In fact they're very happy about working in Philadelphia. Maybe it's our high-paying health sector, or our new found tech environment, or our trendy co-working movement that's making people talk. Either way, Philadelphia's YPs like what they are doing, even in a still-tough economy.

Once you stop to think about it, this is a very valid feather in our city's cap. When young professionals (e.g. employees with less than 10 years of experience in a full-time position) move to a new city for a job, or decide to stay and work in the city they attended college in, it's always good to know that they like where they are.

Companies in Philadelphia must be doing something right.

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