Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Philadelphia's population continues to grow

Philadelphia's overall city population grows ... again.

For a city that did not have an increase in population (even a small one) for about 50 years, it's a good sign that we have now grown every year for the past 6 years. Although they've been small victories (percentage-wise), our total population now sits at 1,547,607; which also makes us the 5th Largest US City.

Try not to confuse "Largest US Cities" with "Largest US Metros." "City" refers to population within actual city boundaries, and "Metro" refers to population around a city's recognized metropolitan area (which can sometimes include both suburban towns and even other cities). In Philadelphia's case, our "Metro Area" also consists of the areas in/around Camden, NJ and Wilmington, DE.

Why is this important?

Well for one thing, it means that Philadelphia is a relevant city (by today's standards) and people are attracted to living within its boundaries (regardless of taxes, schools, etc.). It also means that more businesses (small, medium, and large) are attracted to Philadelphia, and are setting up shop to cater to its new residents.

Urban living has become a popular trend all over the US in recent years, and it's also part of my inspiration for the website and blog you are reading right now.

I was born and raised right outside Philadelphia's city limits (in Abington, PA; which is part of Philadelphia's "Metro Area"), and went to both grade school and high school in the Abington area as well. Abington was an awesome place to grow up, and it's still a great town today. It wasn't until I went to college (at La Salle University) that I was able to experience living within Philadelphia's boundaries.

It definitely made an impact on me; a very positive one. The rest is history. Now over 15 years later, I still call Philadelphia my home and just bought a new home in Roxborough.

So if anything, it looks like my own personal tastes have followed the current trend toward urban living; and I'm still writing about it today.

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