Friday, March 8, 2013

FringeArts is making an economic impact through reuse

What a cool project, and it's coming Fall 2013.

An abandoned pumping station, where Columbus Blvd and Race St meet, is about to undergo a $7M renovation. The goal is to transform the existing property from a vacant, historic, industrial building, to a thriving, music/arts destination.

Here are some of the details:

  • 800 sq ft of rehearsal space
  • 240 seat theater
  • 125 seat restaurant/bar
  • Offices for FringeArts' staff
  • Available space for art shows, and the like

Not bad at all.

Philadelphia is already highly regarded as one of the Top Cities in the US for art and art culture. FringeArts' new HQ will only add more value to that distinctive brand.

I can't help but think that Philadelphia's solid investment in the Race Street Pier is really helping spur additional development along this section of the Delaware River Waterfront.

FA HQ is just one more example, and I'm sure others will follow suit.

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