Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Schuylkill Project starts to plan for Manayunk's "Park in the Sky," as well as other great projects

I wrote a post about Manayunk's "Park in the Sky" back in 2011, and now it's becoming a reality.

So much so that the necessary funds are already in place, the plan is ready to go, and construction bids are set to go out in June.


The bridge connector (on the famed Manayunk Bridge) will take bikers, hikers, runners, and walkers from Manayunk across the Schuylkill River to Bala Cynwyd and the Cynwyd Heritage Trail. It will also offer stunning views of the surrounding area with its wide river, massive trees, and rolling hills.

Expected Completion Date = 2014

The Schuylkill Project is also staying on top of other important tasks planned to make Manayunk's waterways nicer, safer, and and more functional for all.

Venice Island is currently undergoing massive changes down at Main Street's east end with a new performing arts center for Manayunk, as well as pedestrian improvements to the Lock Street Bridge. This will make it easier for residents and visitors to get on/off Venice Island.

Not only is Venice Island getting better, but the Manayunk Canal itself will have work done to it as well. Fresh water will be introduced to the canal (for the first time in decades, if you can believe that), and the sluice house will be rebuilt. This will give the canal a controlled flow and will improve the immediate environment.

Expected Completion Date =2014/2015

Additionally, the Pencoyd Bridge (also on Main Street's east end) is set to be restored and provide additional access between the city and suburbs. This project coincides with a new residential community being planned across the river from Manayunk.

Expected Completion Date = TBD

What does this all mean for the local real estate market?

All in all, these major projects (along with many smaller ones) are encouraging large-scale developers and individual investors to start building/rehabbing in the Manayunk/Roxborough area. Good news for both residents and local businesses alike.

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