Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Has the Kensington renewal already begun?

New lofts are coming to Kensington

I know, I know ... that's a bold statement; but I thought it would grab your attention.

The interesting part is, the title to this post is probably long overdue. Kensington has already started to change, and this article is providing insight into how much changing it plans to do. When boundaries are challenged, bigger plans are in place.

In fact you may have already heard of new sections of Kensington being referred to as "Old Kensington" and/or "East Kensington," to differentiate itself as a part of Kensington that's embracing neighborhood change. Now whether it's good change or bad change depends on who you ask. In my opinion, anytime you bring in new residents, new businesses, and increase property values, it usually creates positive change, but some may refer to that as gentrification (which can sometimes be looked at as a negative trend).

Either way, change is coming to this section of Kensington, whether people like it or not. Plus, it only makes sense to start in this area because it's the closest part to both Fishtown and Northern Liberties; natch.

If you haven't been to this part of Philadelphia for a while, take any major highway/road to East Girard Ave and then start heading north on Frankford Ave. This is the heart of Fishtown's thriving art and commercial district and it will give you a general glimpse into the future of Old/East Kensington.

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