Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cira Centre South plans for "The Grove"

Rendering of the 33-Story housing complex

Well, it looks like Cira Centre South is finally about to break ground on 1 of the 2 proposed buildings for land right next to 30th Street Station.

The Grove at Cira Centre South is a joint partnership between Brandywine Realty and Campus Crest Communities, and will be built on the premise that UPenn will fill it with student housing.

What a great deal for all involved!

Brandywine can finally get this project moving (with the hopes of starting another building, per the original plan), Campus Crest will get an opportunity to cash in on the Philadelphia student housing market, and the University of Pennsylvania gets a top-notch housing complex that it can market to both prospective and existing students.

This is also great news for Philadelphia.

More construction equals more jobs, and more money spent in the immediate area while it's being built, as well as when it has been completed. It also helps bridge the natural divide (aka The Schuylkill River) by continuing UPenn's eastern expansion plans.

The cherry-on-top is that this project supports TOD, and will be located next to the 3rd busiest rail transit hub in the US (30th Street Station).

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