Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guest Blog Post: "Philadelphia’s New CommunityCam Crowdsource Mapping Tool Slated to Benefit REALTORS®"

Another one of our regular readers contacted me and volunteered to write a guest post for PUL. Needless to say, I gladly accepted. Not only is it great to hear from regular readers, but it’s even more encouraging to hear from one who wants to contribute to

Ellen Arndt is the Communications Manager for VS is an online retailer of video surveillance products. Her co-worker, Chad Gingrich, contacted me to share some information about CommunityCam, which allows people to post and view locations of security cameras in Philadelphia.

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A new camera mapping initiative designed to increase neighborhood safety was launched recently in Philadelphia. Open to the public, CommunityCam allows individuals to post and view the locations of public and private security cameras across the city. With respect to REALTORS®, CommunityCam could very well prove to be a boon to the local real estate market as it gains greater momentum. First-time buyers are likely to gravitate toward safe neighborhoods, where their fellow neighbors have invested in enhanced measures to protect their community. 

Sponsored by, CommunityCam is fully up-and-running. By viewing the map, REALTORS® can see if their listed homes and condominiums are near security cameras as a way to alert buyers to purchase property in areas that are committed to combating and preventing crime.

To date, CommunityCam has been harnessed by both businesses and homeowners, who are offering up the locations of security cameras in their own neighborhoods. Residents of Philadelphia have plugged in the addresses and street corners of public and private security cameras in such neighborhoods as Northern Liberties, Brewerytown, Rhawnhurst, Queen Village, West Chester, and Mayfair.

As we’ve seen throughout the years, real estate listing sites give out important homebuyer information such as demographics, surrounding schools, household incomes, distances to key attractions, and average home prices. REALTORS® will now be able to leverage these types of sites to include more data in their listings and/or REALTOR® profiles and boost the appeal of their featured properties.

The age-old saying “Location, Location, Location,” will always be ingrained in the minds of REALTORS® and buyers/sellers alike, owing to the significant merit that it holds. Location is a major factor in the homebuyer’s decision-making process, even more so than the home’s price, structure, and aesthetics.

With tightened security efforts, residents can increase the value of their neighborhood and its walkability. A close-knit community that looks out for one another is a definite selling point for homebuyers, and CommunityCam will become a new way for REALTORS® to pinpoint neighborhoods that cater to their clients’ needs.

CommunityCam makes it incredibly easy to upload and view the location of an exterior surveillance camera. REALTORS® can track it on a weekly basis to see which neighborhoods are popping up in the camera mapping tool or are showing a higher number of surveillance cameras in comparison with others.


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