Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Delaware River Waterfront development is proposed

Now that the Marina View development seems to be moving forward, more proposed projects are popping up left and right.

Such is the case with Ensemble Real Estate looking to build on Piers 34 & 35.

The as-of-yet to be named building will consist of the following:

  • 204 Residential Units
  • 12 Floors
  • Potential Lower Level Retail
  • Terrace with a Green Roof and Tree Planters

I think it all sounds great, but there's just one problem. ERE is looking for an exception to override the current 100 foot height limit set for this part of the Delaware River Waterfront. The same thing happened recently with Marina View, and they received their requested exception (although they probably shouldn't have).

But how many exceptions is the DRWC supposed to make? One for every new developer just because they are building in Philadelphia during a slow real estate market? Why is there even a Master Plan in place if every new builder gets a free pass?

Personally, I am pro-development (depending on the purpose of the project); especially in this current housing market. But I also believe that rules/guidelines are in place for a reason, to be followed. If the DWRC gives ERE a pass here, you can be rest assured that the Master Plan (which took years to put together) is slowly going to get put on the back burner as the next few projects come up for approval.

What are your thoughts on this?

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