Sunday, June 3, 2012

More development proposed for the new, better-planned Delaware River Waterfront

Back when real estate was booming, so much so that builders could not put things up fast enough, there were many sleek high-rise buildings being proposed for the Delaware River Waterfront.

As things slowed down, so did many of those developers' aspirations to build (along with available financing). But things are slowly starting to come back to life again. The biggest difference is that instead of building condos (to own), developers are more focused on building apartments (to rent).

A project called the Marina View Tower, click here for some of the details of the former plan, was proposed right as the market crashed. Unfortunately, so did the plans for this new high-rise.

But all is not lost...

The same developers are back and are proposing to build a more suitable building for the current market. I'll keep you all posted as more news becomes available.


  1. This looks like an attractive building and it will certainly be great to have that ugly parking lot gone. thank you for sharing.Fresno County Property Search

  2. I agree, EH.

    Thanks for commenting.