Wednesday, May 2, 2012

South Street West

If any of you readers out there are around the same age as me, you know that the western portion of South Street (that is, West of Broad St) was kind of a wasteland growing up. All of the excitement on South Street was always on the East side of Broad St.

Man, how things change.

In my own personal opinion, I'm starting to believe that the West side will eclipse the East side very soon (if it hasn't done so already). Don't get me wrong, I like South Street East; and most people local to this area really only know the East side. But with the revitalization of Graduate Hospital, and the reopening of the newly constructed South Street bridge, the West side is going crazy right now.

New restaurants, new shops, and new offices are all opening up next to two humongous Toll Brothers communities. 1) The nearly completed Naval Square, and 2) The soon to be constructed 2400 South.

Read on to learn more about the development along this stretch.

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