Friday, April 6, 2012

Philadelphia's police department may be moving west

Not the West Coast, I'm talking about West Philly.

In my own personal opinion, this totally makes sense. You get to save a historic building, sell extremely valuable Center City real estate (where "The Roundhouse" currently sits), and you combine 3 city organizations into one central location: 1) PPD, 2) Philadelphia Health Department, and 3) The city morgue. Not to mention the fact that The Roundhouse was built in the '50s, so my guess would be that it's due for some updating.

No one knows for sure what will become of the extremely valuable land that the PPD's headquarters currently sits on, but I do know that developers will be salivating over attempts to reuse it. It's a well thought out business plan to discuss this move, so my hope is that everyone (who needs to) gets on board.

Let's see if this move pans out first before we jump the gun. As you can see from Inga's linked blog post above, this idea has been tossed around for years. It's now up to Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Ramsey to make this thing happen.

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