Saturday, March 24, 2012

Plans for Manayunk's old Propper Brothers

When Propper Brothers said goodbye to the furniture business in Manayunk, after over 120 years of doing local business, many were heartbroken. No one ever wants to see a successful business like PB close after so much long-term success. Honestly, the poor economy played a big role.

But things are changing fast.

After closing up shop, there was immediate demand for the unique building's prime location next to Main Street and the Manayunk train station. Since they closed, another business has already popped up in part of the building: Palm Tree Market. I've been there a few times already, and it's really nice. Not only do they have a lot of everything, but they offer fresh sandwiches, tables/seating, and more.

Just recently, more plans have been presented for the remaining storefront space at street level, as well as for the levels upstairs. In my own opinion, their plans look solid.

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