Wednesday, February 29, 2012

South Philly wants to extend East Passyunk's success

The recent success of East Passyunk Ave, in the Passyunk Square neighborhood, has really got people thinking on both sides of Broad St in South Philly.

If they can do it, why can't we?

Andrew Pinkham, a resident of Philadelphia's Bella Vista neighborhood, is leading the charge to get things done around West Passyunk Ave and Snyder Ave in Newbold. The extent of the project has been fully conceptualized, and now all they need is funding. "Before & After" shots have been included above so you can see what they're looking to do.

Some of the project highlights include:
  • Cleaner streets
  • Greening public areas
  • Improved pedestrian safety and traffic circulation
  • Signal improvements
  • New parking strategies
  • Curb bump-outs/ramps
  • Commercial area banners
This is a large project to say the least, but it looks like Andrew is on the right path to seeing it through.

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