Wednesday, January 18, 2012

McDonald's brings "healthy living" to North Philadelphia

And how...

If you're ever in the area of Henry Ave and Roosevelt Blvd, make sure you take a slight detour over to 4200 Wissahickon Ave and check out the brand new, state of the art Salvation Army Kroc Center of Philadelphia. You will actually be amazed.

The neighborhood of Nicetown fell on hard times long ago due to the decline of Philadelphia's manufacturing empire. Now if you tour this neighborhood, you will see ruins that are deteriorating warehouses; one right after the other.

Enter Joan Kroc, philanthropist and widow to Ray Kroc (the McDonald's Corporation billionaire). When Joan passed away, she decided to leave $1.5 Billion (that's right ... Billion) to the Salvation Army. This money was to be used for the construction of community centers all across the country. Looks like her wishes are being met.

To learn more about Philadelphia's 130,000 square foot community center, this article paints a good picture.

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