Friday, December 16, 2011

"Philly Live!" is now "Xfinity Live!"

Some of you may look at this as bad news now that the "Philly" name has been dropped from this project's moniker. Personally, I look at it as positive news for the project.

Why? Because now it has the financial backing of the US' largest cable company, Comcast. It also means that the entire project first imagined will now have a better chance of being built at some point, hotel and all.

As hard as it may be to visualize this project's significance, just know that it's a big deal. It creates a whole new, year-round retail environment for the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, it keeps momentum going for South Philadelphia's neighborhoods (adding much needed commercial real estate), it will feed off of the emerging Navy Yard, and it will add another tourist attraction for Philadelphia.

My guess is that with the stalled economy, Comcast was probably pulled in to really make "Xfinity" Live! all it could be; another Philadelphia venue that markets our local brands and businesses.

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