Friday, December 2, 2011

Another project planned for Avenue of the Arts

Carl Dranoff is at it again on AOTA. This one will be his third major project on this southern section of Broad St.

For all of you readers out there who are proponents of green/sustainable development, this project's main focus will be on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). If you're unfamiliar with the term TOD, just know that it's becoming a popular buzzword in today's urban focused discussions.

If you've never heard of or seen Dranoff's other projects on Broad St, he built Symphony House and 777 South Broad. In my section of Philadelphia, Dranoff was responsible for Venice Lofts on Main St in Manayunk.

With a reputation for creating and/or rehabbing quality buildings with high-end finishes, this next one should serve as a solid anchor between Center City and South Philadelphia.

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