Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to 2400 South

If you thought Naval Square was a big commitment by Toll Brothers to start developing more in Philadelphia (more specifically, in Graduate Hospital), they are starting a new project right around the corner.

2400 South is a $30 Million residential community consisting of 66 new townhomes (and eventually, 56 new condominiums; once Naval Square is closer to being sold out). This will be another huge anchor for one of Philadelphia's hottest neighborhoods.

Question: Why is one of the largest builders in the country, that has consistently built in suburban environments throughout the US, investing so much in our city? Answer: Well planned new construction projects in Philly, that are priced right and built in the right locations, are currently selling at a very good pace. In other words, projects like this are bucking the trend that most new residential projects are currently facing. Young families are deciding to stay in the city, suburbanites are looking for more of an urban lifestyle, and the Center City area offers live/work/play options at affordable prices.

If you are interested in seeing what this project is all about, let me know and I'll set us up with an on-site appointment. Most of my professional career was spent in the residential new construction industry, so be rest assured that you're in good hands with me.

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