Monday, October 31, 2011

Sister Cities Plaza

If you follow current Philadelphia news, you have probably heard (or seen) the improvements being made to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. If that's the case, you have probably also heard of the Center City District and its powerful, forward-thinking leader Paul Levy (a post on him will be coming soon).

But if none of this is ringing a bell, my suggestion would be to hop in your car (or on your bike) and take either Kelly Drive or Martin Luther King Jr/West River Drive down to Center City and take a look around. You will notice major renovations going on at the Art Museum (with more in the works), new sidewalks/bike lanes/landscaping, the upcoming Barnes Museum, and much more. This is all part of the CCD's vision to make Philadelphia more attractive for families.

One of the smaller projects being worked on right now is Sister Cities Plaza. This should allow you to learn a little more about Philadelphia's own Champ-Elysees.

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