Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Philadelphia Zoo Wants to Expand

"America's First Zoo" is working with the city to make visiting easier, and more enjoyable, for all of its guests. Their plans call for a huge, 700-space parking garage coupled with ground floor retail. It's a good use of space for a multipurpose project.

Not only has the zoo improved its immediate surroundings over the last few years, by greatly increasing/improving the size of its mural collection, it now offers even more entertainment options; like the upcoming "Xtinkshun" puppet exhibit sponsored by The Jim Henson Company.

Read more about their plans here.

Friday, May 27, 2011

More on the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you have probably already seen a few posts from me regarding Philadelphia's newest green, job creating plan: the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC). With a little help from the Department of Energy, "little" referring to $129M in grant money, the Navy Yard in Philadelphia could grow to be one of the world's leaders in building energy efficiency.

If you missed my past posts, please read the first and second ones before you move on to the latest article. They will help familiarize yourself with the project as a whole.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Park on the Parkway

Looks pretty nice, huh? I thought so. This will be the new Sister Cities Park in Philadelphia.

The Center City District is in the midst of a $20M dollar improvement project on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, not to mention that the BFP will be home to the new Barnes Museum (coming soon) and will be receiving upgrades to the Rodin Museum (also coming soon).

In other words, the BFP is getting an expensive facelift; and so far, it's looking pretty awesome. The next time you drive into Center City, take Kelly Drive to the Parkway and see the changes for yourself.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Philadelphia - #1 US City for Bicycle Commuting

Not only is Philadelphia considered to have the most bicycle commuters, but we have twice as much than any other big city in the US (per capita).

Feel free to read on and learn why riding a bike to work is so popular in our great city.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New developments are coming to Mt Airy

Now, I don't want to offend anyone living in the Mt Airy neighborhood (because it's a great neighborhood with great people), but it looks like they have been emulating the Chestnut Hill model over the past few years. Invest in the commercial district, and they will come.

To tell you the truth, the stretch between Cresheim Valley Rd and Mt Pleasant Ave is starting to look like one contiguous commercial district that technically starts 2 miles away at Chestnut Hill Ave. Mt Airy & Chestnut Hill are not the same neighborhood, nor are they trying to look like one another; but what they have found is a way to make their shared commercial corridor even more successful.

This article will help shed some light.

Welcome to Philly Live!

If you have not already been a witness to all of the hype about Philly Live!, then I'm not quite sure where you have been lately.

Philly Live! is the brainchild of Baltimore based The Cordish Companies; it's also the reason why the Spectrum was demolished. The goal is to have a modern dining, shopping, and entertainment complex on site for probably the single biggest concentration of sports facilities in the entire country. Although Philadelphia missed the boat on constructing one of our newer stadiums in Center City (due mostly to politics and neighborhood opposition), they did capitalize on something that some of us locals take for granted. All of our beloved sports teams are located in the same area, South Philadelphia.

Although I personally see this as something we can capitalize on, others see it as a nuisance. "Man, I wish Citizens Bank Park was located downtown," or "Why is there nothing to walk to around our sports stadiums like in Boston or Chicago?" Well, this problem should be solved in a mild way once Philly Live! opens. Now there will be a few different options to hit up before a game that do not involve McFadden's or tailgating (although I do love those 2 options), and it will be within walking distance of all the sports facilities.

The city's next step should be renaming our solemn sports mecca. To me, "South Philadelphia Sports Complex" just doesn't cut it in our city of neighborhoods. How about:

  • South Philly Square
  • Southville
  • Pattison Park

I have others if anyone wants them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Development ... In Camden?

That's right. You heard correctly.

Rutgers-Camden will be adding a new multipurpose structure to its campus; the first since 1989. It will consist of 12 stories, 102 separate graduate student units, and 7,000 sq ft of retail space on the bottom floor. The school currently has over 6,000 students (its highest ever) and seems to only be getting bigger.

Feel free to read more here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coming Soon ... New Apts in No Libs

Over the past 5 years, ever since the buying/selling housing market started to slow down, there has been a pattern for big, new development projects in Philadelphia. That pattern is renting over buying, and apartments over condos.

During the building craze, it seemed like every new project in Center City was a new condo high-rise. Why? Because when housing was hot, it was a seller's market. Homes would not last 1 week on the MLS without ending in a heated bidding war. As we are all aware of now, that market has come and gone.

The good news is that housing has started to come back (in a slow and steady fashion), and developers are still building large projects in the city. The difference is that developers are opting for apartment projects over condominiums. Why? Because even though buying/selling has slowed, rentals are still a high priority in Philadelphia. Since everyone needs a place to live, it's a good choice for development.

Waterview Grande is one such new project.